Fest I Nova

Fest I Nova, the International Festival of Contemporary Art in Honor of The Brothers Zdanevich has been held since 2009 and represents one of the important tools for the implementation of Art Villa’s goals.

Fest I Nova uses the heritage of Tbilisi Avant Garde, the movement which at one time was about to connect Georgia to the global cultural processes, though the Soviet Rule hindered and delayed this development. Now the name of the festival makes reference to the origins of the Georgian contemporary art.

Georgian cultural context was a real discovery to many international artists hosted by the Art Villa. Since then they has actively been promoting the idea of the Fest I Nova and help the Art Villa to develop the world-wide artistic network.

Primary objectives:

  • Create an international platform for joint projects, exchange practices, mobility of artists and dialogue
  • Expand cultural ties and promote Art Villa’s integration with different art centers abroad
  • Help to promote contemporary art and culture in Georgia
  • Encourage young artist to establish themselves on local as well as global art stage by using the Art Villa’s connections
  • Implement interdisciplinary projects on local and international level
  • Contribute into the economic development of the village